Nancy is an attractive young woman with a beautiful curvaceous body, flawless skin, an overwhelming smile, and large gorgeous eyes with a seemingly “sparky” look. Her posture does not just say but shouts confidence. Harry adores all these features and has a strong urge to approach her. Days pass, and he gains courage and he asks her out for a walk in the park. Luckily, she accepts his offer. The day comes and both parties are there in time. Both of them enjoy each other’s company and going out becomes a norm. The first instances of their friendship are dominated by much talk and a little innocent touch. Two weeks pass and the two feel closest and a little extension on the touch and they finally kiss. The kiss spear heads romancing which again becomes part of their relationship. The hikes becomes extended to accommodate to more touch and from then the two cannot wait to be alone together for petting to take place. The rule now was more touch less talk. A month goes by and they grow apart. The intimate touch becomes monotonous. Texts and calls are a forgotten story. Harry one day calls Nancy and explains that he had though over all what they had gone through together and it had not added up much, so they should forget about each other. Yes, it’s what you are thinking, harry and Nancy just shared a fling. On the other hand Harriet and Robert are classmates and friends. Their friendship has lasted a year. They treat each other more or less siblings, however, lately they have started changing on how they relate with one another. Robert breaks the silence and they decide to try it out as a couple. They speak more about the future and understand each other’s opinion on the purpose of dating. Fornication is forbidden by both and so they keep away from it and any situations that may tempt them. Three years of dating and they got married. Happy that they had a pure sexual life as a dating couple.

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